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Caladenia fuscata

Caladenia fuscata This deciduous terrestrial occurs in open eucalypt forests where the grass is sparse.

The single leaf is grasslike to 60mm by 2mm. The flower stem grows to about 120mm tall with generally one but occasionally two flowers.  The flowers are small, only around 12mm by 15mm.  The sepal and petal colour varies from white to pink and the dorsal sepal is much narrower than the lateral sepals and petals. The labellum has red stripes with two rows of yellow calli. The column is green with red stripes. The labelum side lobes curl inwards embracing the column. 

This orchid can be identified by its small flowers, red stripes on labellum, narrow dorsal sepal and incurved labellum sidelobes.  

It is similar to Caladenia carnea but can be separated by Caladenia fuscata's much smaller flowers, thinner flower stem and labellum side lobes curling inwards.

Caladenia fuscata

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